Jenny Kaste


Jenny Kaste is a transplant to Yuma but has made this community her home.   Jenny was part of a military family and moved frequently and traveled often.  Her variety of experiences bring a wide perspective to the board. She joined the board in 2014 and serves as the board Secretary.

Jenny moved to Yuma directly after graduating from Elmira College in upstate New York with a Bachelor’s Degree in Elementary Education, Anthropology & Sociology.  She began working in 5th grade at Valley Horizon with Crane School District.  She has collected a variety of teaching experiences in her 10 years with the district.

Jenny first ignited her passion for education when she served as a youth volunteer and logged over 600 hours at the Children’s Museum of Indianapolis.  She later served on a youth committee to help build a Children’s museum in Bangor.

She currently lives and works in Yuma county with her husband and young son. She is very excited to be overseeing the educational development of the Children’s Museum of Yuma County.  


844.426.9862 ext 709