Museum @ Home Activities Offered for the Remainder of the School Year

We hope that all of our museum friends are staying healthy during our Stay-at-Home time. To help you get through these trying days of working from home, crisis-schooling from home, and trying to keep up with our everyday tasks, the Children’s Museum of Yuma County will be posting activities Monday-Friday for the remainder of the school year.

These activities are selected from content posted by other children’s museums, schools, blogs, and other museums. Original content will also be posted from time to time. There are activities for a variety of interests, so we hope that you find something that interests your family.

Most of all, we want to remind you to be patient with yourself and your kids during this unprecedented time in our lives. Stress can be expressed in many ways, and often when you feel you can’t take it anymore, your kids are feeling the same way. Choose a fun activity to change the mood and remember to laugh and stay in touch with your inner-child.

All activities can be found on our Facebook page Please share with your family and friends!