2017 Summer Children’s Museum Open Now

What is that buzz coming from the Yuma Art Center at 254 S. Main St. in Yuma? It’s excited children and families having fun at the Summer Children’s Museum. There is fun to be had by all as you explore our interactive exhibits. We’re open Wednesday through Saturday from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. from now through July 29. Admission is a very low $2 per person.


We have added a large grant-sponsored exhibit from Yuma Rotary Club and Rotary District 5500 that focuses on entomology. The centerpiece of “Bugs in a Bug” is a vintage VW Beetle cut in half and painted to look like a ladybug that stores many of our bug display cases. Tables with microscopes and magnifiers allow you to look more closely at many of our preserved bugs. You can even dress up like a butterfly or ladybug in our dramatic play stage area.


Two other new exhibits include a geology exploration exhibit that was developed in cooperation with Maureen Garrett at AWC and an Art Creation Makerspace for creative expression. Returning favorite exhibits include the giant Blue Blocks, the Scarf Blower, the Music Wall, the augmented reality Topographical Sandbox, Black Sands, Keva Planks, Step into Art, the Weaving Wall, Pixel Play, and our Tot Spot for children ages 0-3.


The Summer Children’s Museum is the place to be for great family fun out of the heat this summer. We hope to see you soon!

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  1. Hi my question is if I can be with my child anytime in the activities?

    • Parental supervision of children is required at all times in the museum. This is not a facility where children can be dropped off unattended. We encourage families to use the exhibits together as much as possible. It’s more fun to play together rather than to have a parent off to the side being distracted. Often our youngest visitors are the “experts” showing adults how to use an exhibit (especially the scarf blower).

  2. My children are 3 yrs and 8 yrs can they play in the same activities or the activities are by age only?

    • The only exhibit area that has age limitations is the Tot Spot for ages 0-3. Parents and older siblings can be in this room, but the activities and equipment are geared for our youngest visitors. All of the other exhibits are for children over 3 and may include small parts. Younger children often enjoy these activities as well, but it is the parent’s responsibility to supervise and make sure children of any age are playing and interacting safely in these other areas. 3-year-olds and 8-year-olds can frequently be found enjoying many of the same activities.

      • Thank you again for the information Melissa. I want to take them, but I was worry that they need it to be in different activities for they age. Im happy if they can play together and me with them.

  3. Hello, is there a free day for admission this coming week?

    • We will be having our final free admission day this Wednesday, July 26 from 11-4 at the Art Center. The free admission is sponsored by a grant from the Arizona Community Foundation of Yuma.

  4. Hello,
    Are you doing any special activities on the final museum day, the 29th?
    Thank you,

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